Profile der D2M Expertinnen & Experten

Haider Alleg

Global eMarketing Manager PregLem

Haider Alleg, 27, Geneva, is a digital enthusiast specialised in global e-marketing activities, as well as a conference speaker and a serial entrepreneur. Working currently as a Global eMarketing Manager for Gedeon Richter PregLem, he is in charge of the global digital strategy of Esmya® and supports the deployment of e-tactics in several European countries. Holding a French Engineering degree and a Masters in Marketing, Haider has developed a natural curiosity for new marketing usages for the digital channel. 4 years of experience with 2 international digital agencies have exposed him to the greatmarketing challenges of the pharmaceutical industry and Fortune 100 companies such as Nestlé. Haider’s areas of specialization include Social Media marketing, online consumer insights mining, the reporting of e-data and the definition/execution of performance/ROI oriented digital strategies. He has developed several KPIs and processes to better understand and know where to act on social media. Feel free to follow him on his Twitter account (@Haider_Alleg)!